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Reasons you may want to become a Ham Radio operator.

Stay connected when all other communications fail.
Global Community
Communicate to other operators all over earth.
Learn about everything from electronics to space weather.
Participate in Field Day, POTA, DX and Contests.

Volunteer in the Community

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service consists of licensed amateurs who voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.
Sky Warn
Sky Warn
Skywarn consists of a network of severe storm spotters who observe weather conditions and make reports of severe weather to their local NWS offices. These spotters are regularly trained by personnel from the local NWS offices

What to expect in the Siouxland Area.

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13mar7:50 am8:10 am97 Morning Net146.970+ 110.97:50 am - 8:10 am

13mar7:30 pm8:00 pmEVARC Weekly Net146.730- 131.8 W0OFK7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

14mar7:50 am8:10 am97 Morning Net146.970+ 110.97:50 am - 8:10 am